Have you ever searched for a unicorn wardrobe piece – something that’s a little different but still relevant to your own individual style.
I believe I found just that style enigma in these effortless lace trousers. These feel like something special and a little different but a chic piece that I’ll wear on repeat and into Autumn.

  • I’ve linked almost everything I’m wearing in this post through Reward Style affiliate links. It makes every piece very easy to find for you dear reader and to shop if you wish – just click on the link. *

These softly tailored, cropped cotton lace trousers – linked here from – WTR London are covered in delicate crochet lace floral motifs.
This gorgeous individual brand which I discovered through Instagram specialises in effortless and elegant pieces that you can wear all over your life from day to night.

These lace trousers are romantic and feminine with a straight silhouette, a high waist and scalloped hem. Dress up with heels and a silk blouse or down with flats, a t-shirt or a casual shirt.
They are lined with comfortable silk stretch, and are perfect for any occasion.


I’ve paired these lace trousers with an easy short sleeved white soft shirt called the Camp Collared Blouse, which I picked up in Mango and it has proven extremely useful so far.
I’ve matched them both with my favourite Summer sandals from and a shell necklace which looks a lot more expensive than it’s bargain price tag.
For some reason, shells seem to be the jewellery stone of the Summer and I thought it would be fun to indulge in this trend without breaking the bank.
My sandals from Ancient Greek Sandalshave been paired with almost everything I have woren this Summer and I adore their simplicity.
I’ve just packed them away for my holiday to Provence this week too.


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