The leopard print dress

The leopard print dress obsession has us all hooked this Summer. Never truly going out of style, the print that normally rears its head come Autumn when the leaves turn brown, has decided to come prowling round this hot Summer instead.

It seems quite fitting that the leopard print dress decided to take over this hot and humid Summer and its sassy cool print sort of goes with the heatwave, don’t you think ?

Like coffee in the mornings, no leopard print is the same and there are a variety of options out there – I’m wearing the ‘Rixo London leopard’ print dress and its almost sold out already.

I included where its still available in ‘My Shop The Post section in this post. The popular London brand has also a skirt version which is also very chic. The skirt option looks amazing styled with a white t-shirt.

Now, that we don’t have to wait until the leaves are turning brown, make sure to take advantage of this early leopard print obsession.

Where to hunt down the right leopard pieces on the high-street

I have linked some high-street options too – the leopard shirt dress from Next has also been another blogger hit and it looks very fine on.

I’ve also included a subtle jacket style shirt from Mango in my post which compliments our Summer jungle fashion fever. It looks great worn open over the leopard print dress and it is also a suitable partner for Summer white jeans.

Shop the Right Sort Of Leopard

How To Wear Leopard

Wear your leopard dress with simple accessories. The dress is your statement, so keep everything else including jewellery pared back.
Delicate necklaces and earrings are your best option. Leopard dresses look best with unfussy shoes too. Wear yours with delicate sandals and enjoy walking round looking like you possibly might be going on a glamorous safari rather than popping out to meet your friends for coffee.



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