What I packed for my holiday

Hi.. my name is Joanne and I’m and over-packer. Over half-term we packed up our suitcases and went on a much anticipated family holiday to Barbados. It was a week long escape from reality, to de-stress, chill the hell out and take a little break from our busy London lives. I’m an over-packer, that’s for sure. I tend to get carried away especially when I haven’t seen the sun in months and rather than be sensible and pack 6 outfits, I tend to pack 35 just in case.

For this holiday, I decided that I was going to only pack my very favourite holiday wardrobe pieces and accessories, and really relish being back in my Summer favourites. Before I left London, I made a couple of last minute buys in the sale, a wide-brimmed sun hat for the glam factor, a pair of pared back sandals to wear everyday from Ancient Greek, and a heavily discounted gorgeous dress from Alexa Chung. I also adore these incredible wide-leg stripe trousers from which are perfect to dress up or down for an easy going beach holiday.

Happily I wore every single thing I bought and felt that each piece I owned and loved had come to life all over again. I admit that I did bring six handbags to the complete bafflement of the men in my family. I did fail miserably at cutting back on the accessory front, but when it comes to successful holiday packing, it’s one small step at a time. I felt I did better on this occasion and maybe I’ll do a smidge better the next time who knows.


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