You sent out the invitations and everybody wants to come – don’t panic, you can you do this.
Organising that special brunch at home is such a fun thing to do, but it does take a little time to plan. Leave nothing, especially styling your table, to the last minute and as the host, you’ll enjoy it as much as your guests.

I love to cook for family and friends, but as well as a tasty menu, presentation is also key to a successful gathering.
Remember to leave plenty of time before cooking to set your table for your guests.
Great food and friends deserve some great tableware – so invest in something special that will not only woo, but will last time and time again.
The best memories are created with your tableware and your loved ones around your table.

Pick A Colour Theme

I always apply the Monochromatic Scheme when styling my table for that perfect brunch. This sounds terribly complicated and difficult but it simply means using the same colour, but different shades and tints of that colour.
This makes life much easier for the over burdened host, and it also keeps a table look interesting without being monotonous, or overwhelming and distracting from the Menu.

For my special brunch at home, I styled my table with the gorgeous blue and white Monsoon Fleur By Denby
Because the pattern is so pretty and versatile and easily accessorised, I decided to focus on the blue and white Fleur pattern, and I style the rest of the table around its blue and white colour theme.

Compliment your tableware with your linen and soft furnishings

I’m a lover of calming colours – so the Monsoon Fleur By Denby, was a perfect choice to mix my light blue table runner and dark denim napkins with.
The fresh crisp blue and white tablerange which comes in family friendly sizes and doesn’t chip, looks really stylish and flattering on natural materials like dark wood or marble table tops.

A little texture also adds interest to the table. In this case, I added some natural weaved place mats.
Our chairs are a pale grey which blended in well with the overall colour scheme.
If you feel that your chairs need some tlc – you can always add a cushion or tie a complimentary blue or white flower to your chair.

Little special touches


I decided to add tiny little touches of copper and marble with my serving dishes.
These details tied in with the overall crisp and fresh feel of the Monsoon Fleur By Denby tableware range.

Attractive Place Names And Cutlery

Handmade place names or a ribboned knife and folk are always the sweetest and most intimate option in my opinion.
Guests normally really appreciate or remark on these little touches, they make people feel special and will melt hearts in the room.
Your lucky loved guests will leave thinking you are the best hostess in town.

Harnessing Flower Power

Floral arrangements are such a powerful wonderful feel good tool. It’s always a really lovely idea to include seasonal arrangements to style the perfect brunch.
Keeping my colour scheme in mind, I used seasonal blue and white wild flowers, supplied by the talented Hattie, that complemented the Fleur tableware wonderfully.

Another idea when it comes to flowers is chose just one neutral colour – for example in this case – other flowers of the moment – all white roses or white daisies would have worked very well with the Monsoon Fleur By Denby tableware range.
If you’re on a tight budget – use fresh flowers from the garden or your green fingered neighbour’s, or use single stalks in small vases dotted around the table .

Keep Your Room Light and Bright

Have your brunch in the sunniest airiest corner of the house or apartment.
Light and bright is such an important factor when styling your brunch and for general guest happiness.

If it’s a Summer brunch, and you have the option where you live – don’t hesitate to open windows and doors. I opened our doors onto the garden to incorporate that whole Summer vibe.
It sounds simple but often people forget to do this when things get busy.

Choosing A Menu And Drinks

When choosing a menu for your special brunch, it’s always really important to incorporate ingredients and flavours that take the time of year into accout.
Nobody wants something heavy and wintery on a July morning. During Winter months, take into account that your body needs something more substantial to keep warm and happy. This time of year, use lots of fresh fruit and flower garnishes for your food and cocktails.


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