House Project

So we moved house in March and the whole month practically was taken up with cardboxes, the packing and unpacking of those monsters.

Now that we are finally in our new home – it’s full steam ahead. April is going to be a crazy month with cosmetic renovations such as new wood flooring being laid, painting, deciding on colour schemes, wallpapering etc . Fun but crazy. Logistics like where do we sleep while they are laying the wooden floors have not really firmly being worked out yet.

Sofa & Wallpaper

Important decisions that have been made are sofa shapes and colours. We’ve decided to go for a velvet honey sofa called the Tennison large. I’ve included a picture of me sitting on it while sofa shopping but we’re going for a honey yellow velvet rather than the burnt orange.

Olive scenes in greys and greens are going on a couple of walls – I just have to find a man brave enough yet to put them up.

Honey Yellow Not Burnt Orange

This is the shape sofa we are going for below. It’s called the Tennison and apparently was designed by House and Garden Magazine as part of a collaboration. 

While sofa shopping at an Arlo & Jacob showroom, I got distracted by the need to take a shoe selfie for my Instagram. I don’t think you are really technically allowed to do this but I got one in quickly while nobody was looking. 

My husband took a sneaky picture of me doing it and captioned it ‘spot the looney” !

Loo Selfie

The print is from Cox & Cox and I found this little stool in Designer Vintage. There’s still quite a bit of work to be done to this bathroom but the bones of it are there.  I may have bought the house because I fell in love with the bath. 

Wallpaper and sofa colour schemes. My handbag is full of swatches for various things.  


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