One of my favourite stay at home items that have emerged from this January lockdown period has been

the simple black legging but reimagined in a more stylish chic way.

Lovely and cosy to wear during the day working from home, they also look terrific heading out on a walk, coffee run or your trip to the supermarket (oh how exciting life has become ! ) with trainers or boots and a blazer or coat.

They are the ultimate staple in cosy stay at home style. But they also have the benefit of being elevated to a more stylish look without very much effort.

I’ve also been adding chunky chain necklaces to my daily knitwear to give a slightly more pulled together polished look.

I argue that adding little touches like this to your daily wardrobe is an instant feel good mood booster.

Even if we not going anywhere exciting these days, anything that makes you feel cheerier and more upbeat during a lockdown Winter is a big plus in my style book.

chunky chains with knits

I have pulled together a few slit detail leggings here which I think you will enjoy.


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