An edit of my favourites

It’s always fascinating to see how fashion and interior trends develop and change from year to year. The same exciting changes and variations apply to our accessory cupboards. I’m the sort that will bring six bags on a week long holiday, taking up loads of space in my luggage and I may even go as far as secretly hiding them in my six-year-old son Archie’s luggage. Oh when it comes to fashion the fun never ceases and in this post I’ve added a few of my current favourites that don’t cost the earth.

Beaded bags have caught my imagination this season.  As with the everything I wear and fall in love with – there is absolutely no logical explanation for this other than I really really like them. I especially love this stylish one from Cult Gaia because it’s a lovely rectangular shape and its handles are adorable.  You might not have even considered one before but when you have one said beaded bag in your hands – you realise that your new pal- Ms beaded bag – can instantly make an outfit more interesting, adding delicious texture in a nano second. 

There’s also this little one from fashionista’s favourite street-style brand Staud, a bag within a bag – transparent with leather handles and a leather pouch which looks stylish and modern with any day to day outfit.  I’ve also picked a few favourites from the high-street which will be wonderful come Spring and Summer. There is so much choice out there these days that if you don’t want to splash out on a designer one, there are plenty of other middle of the road clever designs and styles out there to keep you constantly tempted. 

I like to think of myself as a collector of bags.  When I get old, I will look back on them fondly and remember all the good times we had together, all the places we went and the laughs we had. 


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