Why Detox Your Wardrobe Regularly ?

It’s the start of a brand new shiny year and the perfect time to reassess and detox your wardrobe.
Did you know that detoxing your wardrobe regularly makes you a smarter more conscientious shopper?

Less mistake buys are made because you are more familiar with your naughty habits and you tend to stop and think more before you shop.

How To Detox Your Wardrobe

1. Open the doors and give everything a quick sweeping glance. The culprits that are taking up space but not earning their keep will soon become apparent. There’s no hiding anymore, even in those far off back dark closet corners. Put these garments into a ‘No’ pile.

2. But how do I know if it’s a No, No ? . I always use these rules when detoxing a wardrobe. If you haven’t worn it this season or last season, then it’s not for you after all. Donate to charity, resell or give to a sister or friend. Try things on – does it make you feel good in it ? Does it bring you joy ? Do I love it. I’m a firm believer that you should love everything in your wardrobe. Think of new ways I could wear things, ask yourself could it be salvaged and loved after some small alteration.

3. Rehang your ‘Yes’ pile and be nerdy and OCD about it. Firstly colour code items – this may seem extreme but in the long run, it’s extremely beneficial. You can find things much easier in the mornings this way. Further organise by garment types – all jackets together, all skirts together etc.

4. Take care of your favourite wardrobe items, – clothes, shoes bags, and they will last you for years. Put cashmere and precious dresses in dust bags.
Fold jeans in the same drawer and clean shoes and boots before putting back in your closet. A very useful tip I learnt along the way was that moths hate the chemical smell that conkers omit when drying off. Place some in your wardrobe and drawers to keep moths away.

5. Find strong skinny hangers, which are supportive but don’t take up much space. I swear by these skinny copper ones I buy regularly from Zara home. Invest in the correct hangers for your trousers, and get a little brush to remove those knobbly bits from your cashmere and knitwear.

6. If you are tight for wardrobe space, find an alternative storage space for different seasonal items. Separate into things I wear for Autumn-Winter, and Spring-Summer and then carefully pack away the season you’re not wearing right now.

Add a shelf for bags/shoes to a free wall

Try and find space for a full length mirror . This helps you assess what an outfit looks like properly
Co-ordinate colours to make things easier to find
If you haven’t worn it in over two years- think about donating piece to charity
Find the right sort of hangers – skinny metal ones are the perfect option as they save on space


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