Hello February ! We have reached that point of the year where we are yearning for a change of pace when it comes to our wardrobe. We want to shed a little of Winter and instead add a little Spring feeling to our look. Looking and feeling a little lighter in anticipation of sunnier things to come is no harm and is bound to lift the spirits. A clever way to do this is by adding soft pastels to our existing and necessary warming Winter hues.

My favourite pastel shade at the moment is this flattering green which many of the designers and high-street stores are now doing. I’m attracted to it mainly because it goes with all my Winter stuff effortlessly, camels, creams and dark browns and blacks. It also brightens my skin – much needed this time of year I feel, and it’s a subtle romantic colour that screams chic and cheery. This very light green knit worn here with a satin midi-skirt in a darker tone of green caught my eye and both have become a firm favourite go-to in February and rolling onwards from March into Summer.


Pastels are a useful neutral with a little sugar on top. Pick one that will compliment your Winter wardrobe easily and brighten it up without any effort – pastel soft pink or green are two terrific options.

I always like to buy things for my wardrobe that I can mix and match and use from Spring through Summer without much effort. Replace these boots with strappy sandals or flats, and team the skirt with a simple white t-shirt. Bob is your Uncle ! Accessory wise pastel green goes wonderfully with brown/tan and white shoes or boots. Pearls are also a winner as too is raffia baskets with this inviting hue.


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