White Desks And Copper Rails


wardrobe walk in wardrobe copper rail

la redoute white desk

white company framed prints the stylist and the wardrobe

This old unloved box room had blue carpets and once housed a lonely measly single bed.
The instant I saw this cosy space when we moved in, I knew it had much more to offer.
It’s now my very much loved man shed per se.

I recently purchased this Scandi inspired sturdy white desk from La Redoute and with the addition of some framed prints and other bits and bobs, the space has become a very useful office station too.
The best advantage to an all white space is that even in the dead of winter, it feels light and airy.

When the temperatures drop, I always add a favourite rug to keep things warm and cosy. The copper rail you see in the background with some Autumn-Winter closet additions comes from a small company called The Little Deer.
The Happiness Is Like A Butterfly print is from John Lewis and my other favourite, Drink Champagne And Dance On The Table in a bold black frame is from The White Company.
I can never get any work done if I’m not sitting somewhere reasonably tidy, otherwise I’ll spend hours tidying, fidgeting and rearranging stuff and won’t get a dot done.


The Stylist And The Wardrobe

la redoute desk white company beaded star

The Stylist And The Wardrobe


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