Track Pants And Leather Jackets


Track Pants And Leather

Finding the perfect track pants and that leather jacket can often feel like searching for a unicorn.
However, I hope this post will help you locate these mythical pieces.

These Robyn track pants made from a wonderful mix of hemp and cotton from feel so lovely on. They are easy breezy to wear, and can be dressed up or down without much effort.

New exciting trousers

It’s always exciting to find trousers to wear that aren’t my jeans and I fell for these the minute I saw them on Wrap’s website.
With both the light and charcoal shades that these track trousers come in, a camel cardigan and a simple white t-shirt would look adorable.
And this is exactly how I’m planning on wearing mine coming dare I whisper it – into Spring.

How To Do The Sports Luxe Trend

I always like to juxtapose a track pants with something a little smart on top. A leather jacket or blazer, or a fitted knit or shirt all work well.
Wear trainers underneath, or a block heel. The trend is still very much around this season, so join in and make the most of getting away with wearing a track pants and being considered something of a style maven.


My own leather jacket took me ages to find. Everyone I tried on, it just didn’t cut it for some reason or another.
If you are searching for such a thing, I wanted to alert you to the fact that Mango have a great range of soft black leather jackets in at the moment.
I’ve tagged the best ones in My Shop The Post Widget right here.

No wardrobe is complete without at least one striped top, I’ve lost count how many I now possess.
This time of year they are terrific for layering and can be worn several ways, underneath knits or peeping out like this from a jacket.


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