The FashionMaster That Takes Care Of My Precious Things


The FashionMaster – My Wardrobe’s New Best Friend.

The FashionMaster From Miele Has Done The Impossible And Made Ironing Feel More Glamorous

There are certain things in my wardrobe that I want to preserve forever. Precious pieces that I have worn time and time again, and have such happy memories attached to them.

I thought I would never say it but now I honestly don’t mind ironing thanks to Miele wonderful iron steam system – The FashionMaster The right here From Miele’s Exclusive Collection.

When I wear one of my favourite pieces going out to meet friends or family especially over this busy festive period, I want to ensure my clothes look their best and be as perfect as they can be.
I really want them to be taken care of using the best quality. And for that, I now have this new secret new device that devours wrinkles and makes everything look like it has been taken directly to the dry cleaners.
However and here’s the best bit I don’t have to leave the house. I just run the iron over it and hey presto in mere seconds thanks to its clever steam engineering, my silk dress looks as good as new.
And boy, call me a nerd, but is that satisfying to somebody who hates looking messy and crumpled.

In the long run, The FashionMaster is going to save me lots of money and time.
Family life can be extremely busy and often we spend half our lives trying to get through chores, so excellent laundry devices that make life so much easier are crucial.

I’m delighted to be able to offers you lovely readers a 20% discount off all laundry products including washing machines and The FashionMaster from Miele’s Exclusive Collection . The code is TAE1288758 The FashionMaster has become my wardrobe’s new best friend and has made wrinkles (on my clothes any way) a thing of the past. Rejoice in a steam iron that is like no other.

(*Working In Collaboration With Miele UK)


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