The ETSY Allure And Quality Over Quantity


The Etsy Allure

I love the idea in this fast paced world of quality over quantity. It’s such a wonderful thing to buy a special leather bag that will last you from season to season.
For me personally, it’s an absolute thrill to seek out one that will surpass all transient trends and fads.
I love finding that special bag, that friends will compliment you on and enquire about.
Where do I go to find these bag unicorns that last from season to season, you may ask ?
Etsy is a favourite destination of mine to seek out individual and hand crafted accessories.

This red little leather gem with my initials embossed in gold on the front was made by Vicky Wade at Tori Lo Designs and brightens up my Autumn-Winter wardrobe no end.
The wonderful thing about designers like Vicky is that they listen to their customers individual needs and you can chat to them directly over email about customisation.
Everything on Etsy feels a little warmer, more personable and it’s a terrific thing to do to support small talented businesses.
You never know you might even find a real live unicorn (wink)

If you follow me on Instagram @thestylistandthewardrobe, you can be in with a chance to win a beautiful customised bag worth up to £500 from a selected group of lovely bag makers.
Spreading the word about Etsy, a wonderful home for talented people to sell their designs like ToriLoDesigns who made my red bag, is something I’m very proud to do. In a fast paced fashion world where people are in such a huge rush to buy the next new thing, it’s important from time to time to stop and take stock.
Put quality over quantity first, your wardrobe and your lovely fashion soul will thank you for it.
The Etsy allure is a powerful thing.


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