New York, New York, Be My Valentine ..



This week, The Stylist And The Wardrobe is ringing in the changes and coming live from New York. I’m at serious risk of loosing a toe or a finger due to frost bite, it’s currently an outrageous -16, I’ve never experienced face freeze like it but that’s the risk a blogger has to take.
Out and about today taking pictures even my iPhone stopped working, it cut out in protest due to the bitter cold but thankfully it was only a temporary blimp and came back to life a few hours later.

The first day down and as well as going to some fashion shows, I discovered some great coffee and lunch spots that I thought I’d share in case you are over this neck of the woods anytime soon.

1. Happy Bones Espresso Bar on 394 Broome Street for delicious coffee. It’s tiny, so you have to wait for a seat.

2. Grey Dog cafe on Mulberry Street – a very lively fun place to have brunch. On arrival you’re given a bandana as a table marker and then have to shout and wave your waiter to get your food.

3. The Gansevoort Market on 52 Gansevoort Street for an array of small food stalls from around the world. Great people watching place too.

new york




new york




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  • Moosechick

    I like your combination of sleek with texture. LOVE that sweater! September always feels like a fresh start to me too.