My Favourite Red Ankle Boots From Mango


Red Ankle Boots – The Accessory Of The Moment

I’ve been searching the high-street top to bottom for a pair of soft leather red ankle boots .

This week after I had pretty much given up – isn’t it always the way ? – I stumbled upon these perfect buttery soft leather ones from Mango and all my red boot dreams were answered.

Most importantly I wanted a pair that were stylish but ones that I could walk around London in without any pinching or wincing.

I’m not a believer in suffering for my fashion addictions and I try and avoid becoming quite literally a fashion victim with real live feet injuries.

These lovelies are really comfy and have been brilliant already for brightening up my dark greys and checks.


They also look wonderful paired with denim and a camel coat.

As you probably have noticed Red is having a big moment this season and even the shy retiring types are becoming scarlet women.

Red is a warm tone that is very flattering on all skin tones and looks great on blondes and brunettes alike.

A red boot gives an outfit an extra punch and is a fab way of uplifting shades like navy or grey.
I also love wearing red ankle boots on a night out with the right chic pair of leather trousers or dress.
Check jackets and coats are popular this season and teamed with a red jumper or a pair of red ankle boots, you’ve nailed the look all at once.


Last year I bought a pair of red boots but after a while I found them tough going on my feet.
There is nothing more frustrating than loving a shoe or boot but all they give you in return is foot ache.
I’ve tried and tested these stomping around London and I’m confident we are going to get on great in the coming months.
I’ve linked them directly here – so you don’t have to any of the hard work.


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