Looking After Your Cashmere With AEG


We adore our precious wardrobe pieces – that soft camel cashmere jumper, that silk blouse that everybody compliments us in.
I love mine and don’t want to just keep them for best – life is too short.
If I love something, I want to wear it over and over again.

According to research, the average Brit throws away an astonishing 90% of the garments they own long before they need to, due to lack of understanding on how they should be cared for. I have teamed up with AEG for this post, to show you how to take better care of those precious much loved hero pieces.

With the launch of its brand new new laundry range, AEG aims to extend the life of clothing by as much as nine months.

Here’s How

With new ground-breaking technology, AEG makes it easy for consumers to preserve even the most precious wool and silk fabrics during the washing and drying process.
The new collection, featuring the 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 Series, has been specifically created to act as a protector of fabrics, defender of colours and guardian of fibres.

New Technology

Boasting a multitude of world-first technologies and design, and available from all leading retailers, each model within the range offers an impressive list of cool features and sustainable solutions, to ensure exceptional results.
It’s like having your very own personal dry cleaner in your kitchen.

For example ‘The 9000 Series’ features ground-breaking SoftWater Technology that purifies and softens water before it enters the drum, reducing fabric abrasion, delivering a 60°C cleaning performance at only 30°C.

To ensure every thread, stitch and fibre of a load is not only meticulously cleaned but also thoroughly protected, the 9000 and 8000 Series features new technology, which blends detergents and softeners with water before being released into the drum, ensuring complete coverage and every fibre protected.

The AEG 7000 Series – Cuts creases by up to one third with minimal fuss ! Hurrah.
Looking sharp every day should be effortless. The AEG 7000 Series washing machines keep shirts looking sharp by using ProSteam Technology to complete a washing cycle with steam to reduce wrinkles. This function can also be used to simply deodorise clothes for a quick refresh. Reducing the need for ironing not only saves you time, but maintains your clothes look and feel for longer, ensuring you look and feel impeccable every day.

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing at Electrolux, comments: “Trust is a major issue when it comes to fabric care. In fact, most people rarely use more than three programmes and 40% still hand wash their clothes in fear their appliances will fade, shrink or ruin their favourite clothes.
“AEG has simplified the laundry process with easy to use functions designed to help people feel confident, even when washing their most precious outfits, and this is something we’re really proud of.”

He adds ‘What’s more, each machine is Woolmark accredited for extra reassurance you can wash and dry your wool garments safely.


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