Life With Toddler



Being cooked a plastic fake dinner in a pink kitchen (it looked red on the web), being absolutely adorable (as I think to myself I should have at least two) and 10 seconds later throwing a tantrum in a crowed cafe until I’ve gone beetroot (one is way too many).
One mummy really made me laugh when she revealed that when her son throws a tantrum in public, she turns to those around her and says ‘he’s just had his shots before turning on her heels and getting out of there as fast as she can go.
This my friends and as all you mummies out there well know, is currently brilliantly exciting, utterly exhausting life with toddler.

Other favourite activities of two year olds I have discovered include repeating requests, and questions at least 10 times until you feel like you might go mad.
Making you feel on top of the world with mummy kisses and big hugs and in his little eyes his mummy is currently as good as a rock star.
Needing wikipedia knowledge of Peppa Pig, so I can find the episode he’s asking to watch – ‘Peppa Potato City’ – how can you not know it ?

A lie in is a distant memory, what on earth did I do with all that time before, and sitting down now feels so nice and in my view is very underrated.
All I know is I will never be bored again or could even imagine life without toddler.






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