Levis Love Gingham


Levis love gingham like salt loves pepper. Pairing both these together felt instantly right.
For all gingham lovers out there – this little frill detailed Gingham blazer, now on sale, is the sweetest little piece.
It looks wonderful with jeans and a simple t-shirt. It can also be worn with a black or white polo-neck at this time of year.
When the weather warms up a little, pair with a grey t-shirt and white jeans.


According to Levis’, sales of its 501s have never ever waned. It’s a consistent best-seller, and each incarnation of the iconic look (there have been 40 changes over its 143-year history) is warmly received by shoppers. The main reason? Their versatility.

“It’s always been a great blank canvas on which people project their own personalities and style.
“Whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s a wool coat or a tan pair of boots, the 501 makes everything look good. You can wear it so many different ways.”

The recent Levis revolution is simply about tapping a throwback look. The cool, carefree credentials of non-stretch jeans are in the hands of young labels cleverly reinterpreting denim’s vast heritage. Chopped, cropped and frayed in all different shades the world is your oyster.

Rigid denim, as opposed to the skinny stretchy kind is certainly having a moment. Although, I still love my skinnes, especially the cropped variety, I do like to experiment.
My favourite shade of 501’s is this light blue one that I’m wearing here. It’s lighter outlook looks amazing with darker colours such as greys and camels.
Lace and white t-shirts are their best friends.
It also is extremely easy to accessorise with your favourite it bag or basket, white tennis shoes or boots.

Slogan t-shirts are everywhere and this Levis one is such a classic, it was difficult to resist.
I love wearing these non-chalant casual pieces inside contrasting structured blazers.


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