How To Survive London Fashion Week – What I’ve Learnt


london fashion week    

Tips And Tricks On Surviving London Fashion Week

1. Even if you don’t have tickets to the shows, don’t stay at home. Lots of peacocks come to Soho without tickets just to strut down Brewer Street. It becomes a different catwalk, a street style catwalk, different but as interesting all the same.

2. The style during London Fashion Week is much more flamboyant than New York, Paris and Milan. People who want to get photographed tend to dress to get noticed in a whackier, dramatic more colourful way.
I much prefer the street style in Paris and New York because I got inspired by the nonchalant beautiful and chic way they put their outfits together.
I’m not that inspired to dye my hair blue at this stage of my life but hey that’s just boring old me.

3. If you do get inside the shows, don’t expect the person sitting beside you to be massively friendly. It’s a lonely pouty place. Think the Devil Wears Prada office.
Everyone is consumed by their iPhone anyway. Few smile, but ignore the chilliness, and smile anyway because the FROW is a fascinating place to watch.

4. Keep an eye out for little tips on the catwalks on how to get dressed ahead of the crowd. Don’t wait until next year, wear them now.
For example at the J.JS Lee show, I’ve included some pictures in this post, it was all about wearing slimline dresses over trousers, (which looked surprisingly massively doable) frayed shoes, and roped cuffs next Winter.

5. If you do have ambitions to get snapped by the many street style photographers at London Fashion Week, and lets be honest, most fashionistas get dressed to impress and to show off their style, head down the side alley on the left of Brewer Street Car Par. Don’t be shy, strut your stuff.
Also looking at your iPhone intently, while looking moody wearing an oversized fedora on the corner can also do it. Good Luck !

6. Take none of it to heart. It’s meant to be fun.


(this photo just above was taken by Victoria Metaxas )

london fashion week

(this photo just above was taken by Margarita Karenko)

london fashion week


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