Hot Desks And New Wooden Floors


The Stylist And The Wardrobe

The Stylist And The Wardrobe


Friday is a big day for our house as we begin the process of replacing our old wooden floors in the living room and kitchen.
I can’t begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to this, as the current lot have been irritating me for approximately four years. That’s a lot of irritation.
Stay tuned on Instagram stories to watch the progress from tomorrow onwards.

A few other small interior updates have been this white scandi inspired desk and stool from the wonderful and reasonably priced French style La Redoutte.
Miraculously, I assembled the desk and stool together myself very easily, and I’m normally a disaster at these things.
Despite the running commentary from my very eager three-year-old, both are standing upright in a very sturdy fashion.

I’ve also added this palm print cushion to my favourite rattan chair, and it hails from a little gem of a company called Happy &Co .

The dog is being rehomed tomorrow night (in case the small thing is trampled) for the next few days until we resume some sort of order again. Wish me luck !

The Stylist And The Wardrobe

The Stylist And The Wardrobe


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