Help Your Stress Levels With The Hayo’u Method




Before I met Chinese physician Katie Brindle and talked through some of my own health concerns – lack of sleep, recurring kidney infections, achey shoulders and back from lifting a three-year-old boy, I thought Chinese medicine was frankly an odd mumbo jumbo, mostly to do with acupuncture and herbal tea.

Do you know one single person in your life that never suffers from stress in this fast paced world ?
Nope, I don’t either.
Stress and anxiety are at the root of several modern day health problems, as well as fatigue, depression and burnout.

What if you could reduce your own niggling anxieties, calm an erratic digestion, ward off a horrible headache? Improve your sleep quality and banish that recurring skin flare-up once and for all?

If you can help yourself – and avoid a GP visit in the process – you would, wouldn’t you?
Here’s where Katie Brindle and her Hayo’u method want to step in.


The HAYO’U method created by Katie is a self help programmme to help combat stress and the health problems it can cause.
Based on the authentic Chinese techniques of Qi Gong and Tui Na, she launched her website Hayou Method in May 2016 to offer free resources for everyone.
You will be able to identify your own health issues and find the suitable rituals and tools to help you improve your condition and overall health.

Its philosophy is quite simple: master your health.
Rather than suppressing the effects of stress, HAYO’U’s focus is set on identifying the root causes and helping you fix them. The programme aims to reconnect people with their bodies to encourage confident self-care choices.


Symptom-specific video tutorials, including the HAYO’U 1 Minute Rituals are designed to get you breathing, shaking, tapping and drumming the stress – quite literally – out of your system.
A range of complementary bathing products, therapeutic oils and de-stress face and body tools will launch September 2016.
Designed to supplement the self-health benefits of the 1 Minute Rituals, they will be available to purchase at and at selected department stores, independent health stores and chemists.


After the dramatic birth of her eldest daughter, she was left debilitated with adhesions caused by a Caesarean.
This led to appendicitis and created havoc in her bowels and she couldn’t leave the house.She turned to Chinese Medicine and says she was as good as new in barely any time at all.
‘This was the turning point for me. I decided to leave my job and start a degree in Five Element Acupuncture.’ says Katie
She adds: ‘I haven’t looked back. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know so I went to as many lectures as I could, went to Asia, read voraciously and met some of the masters of ancient medicine. And the more I learnt, the more I wanted to share. I’d talk to anybody who was interested – dinner party guests, supermarket check-out staff, parents at the school gates – nobody was immune.’

Here are two of my favourites demonstrated by Katie.


HAYO'U Method_BodyDrum_01


I found this ritual excellent for calming any unexpected stresses arising during the day in my work and personal life.
Before meetings with clients and before presentations I have found these smiling breaths very useful to calm my nerves.

HAYO'U Method_5SmilingBreaths_01


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