Gone Rogue With Pink Velvet


A pink velvet squidgy sofa – I never would have thought.
A couple of weeks ago we said farewell to our leather Chesterfield and embraced a whole heap of marshmallow goodness into our home.

We had our leather friend a long while and felt it was time for a change. Every evening when Archie is finally tucked up in bed – which normally takes a few runs up and down the stairs I might add – I relish flopping on the sofa.
Throw in some Netflixs, a nice dinner and a glass of wine, and I’m a very happy girl.

So why pink velvet ?

I wanted a complete change and our front room can at times look a little dark, especially in Winter time.
The leather sofa only added to that dilemma, and I wanted to sink my teeth and feet into something completely different.

More recently, I have been pining for a plop of colour in that particular room and thought a new sofa, was the perfect opportunity to finally add it.
I have also been swayed by a few trendy restaurants recently that keep popping up on Instagram and Pinterest, showing off their velvet squishy pink sofas.
A recent cover of one of my favourite interior magazines – Living Etc, also had one accessorised with all sorts of wonderful cushions and I thought – hey why not be brave, say no to grey and take the leap.

Our one which came from Loaf has made us all very happy.
It’s a clever velvet too which means that it’s much easier to wipe clean.
We already have had one dirty paw mark – thanks to our Yorkie Freddie – which came off easily.
Call me a fool, but it has left me feeling optimistic, it will stand the test of time and little hands.



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