Gingham Ruffle Skirts


*Ruffles Are In
Gingham ruffle skirts have become a coveted wardrobe hero. Ruffles are huge this year. You won’t be able to budge without getting a ruffled sleeve or hem in your face.
Last year it was all about giving it some off the shoulder. Add gingham ruffle skirts on top this year.
All last summer I craved this very skirt after seeing the same version on Pinterest. I couldn’t find it anywhere.
Up it pops, when I had given up the Pinterest ghost and it’s in demand more than ever.

* Gingham Wins Us Over *
Ditch any tablecloth connotations too. This check-mate girl next door print has been given an edgy make-over you’ll love.
I have a weakness for this black and white print. It looks great with denims, white lace and leather. Gingham ruffle skirts with grey chunky knits, you might have noticed, are a favourite too.

* Gingham Ruffled Skirts From Topshop Boutique *
The wonderful thing about this ruffled skirt from Topshop Boutique is you can make it completely your own.
It comes with an asymmetric hem, ruffle detail, two statement buttons and a deep thigh split. I’m planning to add a little clasp on mine on the inside to reduce the length of the split.

Excited already about the places I’m going to take this skirt – on the list are London Fashion Week and several lunches and dinners.
When I tried it on in store it was flying off the hanger.
Topshop Boutique is a good go to for the older trendy lady who is looking for something special.
There’s always something in this little section of the high-street store to suit the more mature fashionista, i.e not 20, definitely over 30 and BEYOND !
It’s better quality and better fitting.

*How To Style It *
Gingam Ruffled Skirts with chunky grey knits and trainers is a great day to day look.
It feels nice to get out of our jeans once in a while, embrace our feminity and wear a swishy skirt or dress that gets us noticed.
Chunky grey knits don’t need a whole lot of explanation. They are a terrific wardrobe staple this time of year.
I’ve linked two goodies in my Shop The Post widget.



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