Game Changing Accessories


Game Changing Accessories

Hands up, – not that I’ll be able to raise them very high though. You see, I’ll let you into a little secret, I’m a bag addict, and I’m probably clutching one right now.
I have been suffering this fashion affliction for several years and my fondness for all shapes and sizes never dims.

This White Beauty

When the sun comes out – my black leather bag starts to feel out of place. Do you feel the same ?
It begins to look heavy and wintery against my Spring cotton tops and dresses. But not to fret – because I know you were very worried about my handbag well being – I normally sort this accessory dilemma out by swapping leather for straw.

However, thanks to some new great game changing accessories this season like this cream handle bag from Me & Em, I don’t always have to carry around a basket

It’s the ideal mid-sized bag. Crafted from the smoothest leather and designed with a minimal edge, the silhouette is clean and classic. The roomy interior allows for all your every day essentials and the statement resin handles lend a modern edge.


Off-White Jeans

It’s not just my bag that I lighten up this time of year – my denim also gets a white washing.
This season, I am particularly interested in the slightly off-white jean that you’ll find more in stores this year.
Off-white or cream jeans are a great combination to wear with pure whites and greys.

Adding A Little Attitude With Sassy Shoes

When wearing a checked blazer like this one that I found in Zara, the yellow shoes too, I always try and make it look less corporate.
One great solution to making blazers more smart casual is to team them with denims and stylish game changing accessories.
As well as my resin handle bag, I decided to incorporate one of this season’s favourite brighter hues – happy go lucky yellow.
Backless and bright, these are a good choice for this time of year, just enough to keep your toes warm without weighing you and your Spring outfit down.


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