Furry Loafers, Mixed Messages And Frayed Skirt Hems


denim skirt

denim skirt


As I write this post, it feels like the first day of real summer we’ve had in the UK.
However, when we shot these photographs in Wimbledon Village, it was absolutely freezing and it was a real challenge not to jump up and down in an effort to keep the goose bumps at bay.

That’s the type of summer we are stuck with I’m afraid and we have no choice but to make the most of the best days. On the upside, an unpredictable climate like ours presents the opportunity to mix up the seasons a little when it comes to our wardrobe. Hence I’m getting lots of wear from my favourite shoes in July – these furry Princetown backless loafers.

My favourite kind of summer skirts are the ones that are hard working, will go with everything I own and have a little trend factor mixed in to keep things looking current.
This denim skirt which sits just above my knee has the button down and fray effect which I like, and each of the others I have linked have some special detail about them.
A decent hard working skirt will also see you through the Autumn-Winter.







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