Floor Mirrors And Linen Stripes


Floor Mirrors and linen stripes.

House projects and improvements never ever end.
Recently, I have wanted to create the illusion of more space in a bedroom without knocking any walls down.
An interior designer friend of mine recently parted with these words of wisdom.
‘A well-placed floor mirror can help give the appearance of more space. It reflects the room, making you think the space is larger than it actually is.’ Hurrah, I thought.
Floor Mirror it is.
Anyway there is only so long a girl can squint downwards in order to see her shoes.

Floor mirrors also reflect light from natural source (sunlight), and man-made ones (lamps, chandeliers, candles, etc.).
It makes the room airy and light. Our fussy cat George is a testament to the recent improvement. Since I have added the to this room, the cat has moved completely in.

Pendant Bulb Light

We spotted this little gem in the Persian Merci, one of my favourite stores in the city.
This highly recommended haven has a wonderful mish-mash of fashion and interiors, and you can easily loose an hour here browsing.

I wish I could say this pendant light was a thought out addition to our living room. But it ended up coming back with us for no other reason than we loved the way it looked.
After escaping a few bumps and scrapes en route home in a Parisian taxi, it is finally up and has brightened up our old refectory table no end.

High-Street Interior Gems.

If I’m looking for something small to add to a room, I often pop into high-street options like H&M HOME, Zara Home, French Connection Home and of course online favourites Cox & Cox and The White Company, where this floor mirror hails from.

All of the above have a collection of well thought out stylish pieces that won’t break the bank but will definitely cheer a space up.


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