A Chino And Off-The-Shoulder Rollercoaster


Chino & Off-The Shoulder

This outfit, lets call it Urban meets Tarzan’s Jane Porter, combines two key seasonal pieces – the chino and the off-the-shoulder top.
Although, I’m loving the hot pinks and mellow yellows this year, it’s also nice to find a neutral option for those busy days when you just want to blend in.

The off-shoulder top burst onto the summer fashion arena last year, and there was an overall consensus amongst women that summer shoulder flashing was a wonderful idea.
With a big hint of bohemian about this trend, it is endlessly versatile and in dresses, the style, is equally popular.
A bare shoulder says sultry and sexy and is a lot more chic than wearing a plunging top to the party.
A little says a lot remember.

I love the boho look of this soft bardot top here from Topshop in ivory with pretty crochet trim detail.
It would also be a perfect summer companion for blue jeans and a straw basket. I would suggest pairing it with slim fitting trousers and jeans, as opposed to ones with a wider leg, to achieve a more flattering silhouette.


Mix It Up

It’s always a great idea to leave your jeans at home and exchange them for a different style trouser.
Variety is certainly the spice of life and is never more vital than when it comes to your wardrobe.
Nobody wants to live in the same thing all the time. These peg leg chino trousers here, and also from Topshop, are so useful and easy to pair with other wardrobe pieces.

They are a great alternative to jeans and their high-waist and cropped leg is very flattering.
Perfect for the school run with a simple t-shirt or shirt or for night time, dress them for dinner with a cami top and a pair of wrap around heels.
Easy peasy.


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