Baby Blue Jeans


Baby Blue Jeans And Blazers

It sounds simple doesn’t it – buying a pair of blue jeans.

I can see men everywhere rolling their eyes to the heavens already.

But we know what a mine field this can be.

I love this magical light blue not too dark, not too light shade, you know that unicorn denim one I mean ? But it’s the hardest denim one to perfect.

I found the pair this week from Rag & Bone that tick all my boxes and goes with one of my favourite seasonal blazers – this gorgeous printed check French one from Sandro

1. Here I am explaining my blue jeans struggles

On my fingers I can tell you the boxes they need to tick ..

Don’t make my bum look big please. Don’t make my legs look stumpy and don’t stick to my knees and give them faces.
Be the perfect shade of blue and stop right above the ankle. Be soft and caring and get on well with the rest of my wardrobe pals.
Finally have a sense of humour when I wear you to death.


If you follow me on Instagram @thestylistandthewardrobe, you’ll have noticed I have been wearing a lot of dark denim recently.
I have been struggling for a while to find a nice pair of light blue jeans. I can’t wear heavy denim because I think it does nothing for me, it makes my legs look bigger and why do hard when you can have soft – so brands like Levis and Redone – I struggle with.

But now I’ll be mixing it up with my “Lucky Rouge” ankle blue jeans from Rag & Bone. They go amazingly well with all this season’s heavy hitters too – checks – camels, blacks and reds.
I’m going to team them with loafers and lovely white trainers.
And of course my Sandro blazer which I’m wearing on repeat.



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