A Summer Gingham Dress Kind Of Girl


A picnic gingham dress, isn’t that such a lovely name ? It conjures up images of wild meadows, endless sunny days, strawberries and red check blankets.
This off-the-shoulder gingham midi dress Urban Outfitters is so easy going that I’m planning a family picnic very soon in its honour.
Don’t be fooled by its whimsical romantic name though – this gingham dress also looks as sharp in an urban environment.

It’s a go and throw type – my favourite kind of dress ! This means that it requires no effort at all, just put it on – give it a little tug down around your shoulders and that’s it.
Wear it with sandals or white trainers – easy peasy.
When the weather is warm, nobody wants a fussy wardrobe, simple and effortless is key. I love wearing midi-dresses this time of year for this very reason.


Hands up this summer – as you may have already noticed, I’m completely hooked on this little box print.
I love it because it looks great in so many different colours – red and yellow are another two favourites of mine – and it goes with all my wardrobe accessories.

For work there’s nothing more stylish than a gingham blouse in powder blue – or do gingham the chic way like Audrey Hepburn and wear a pair of tailored trousers.

This summer’s basket bags look terrific with it, my brown 60’s inspired suede Chloe Faye loves it and there’s not a pair of blue cropped frayed jeans that doesn’t love a gingham top.
It’s an effortless and a fuss free print.

If you want to just give the gingham trend a little nod, rather than going the full hog – then there’s lots of shoes and bags in the print too.

This dress is one you’ll pull from your wardrobe time and time again because of its easy going pretty nature.
I’ve already worn it out to lunch, on the school run and I dressed it up with heels for drinks out for friends.
The world is your gingham oyster and this dress will become a close summer alloy.


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