A Gold Knit That Has Just Enough Sparkle


A Gold Knit

One of the best things about this time of year is catching up with family, old and new friends for drinks.
Meeting your favourite colleagues for a party, just the general festive frivolity is so much fun.
Although it’s darker and colder, there’s more mystery and glamour in the air. And there’s definitely more party invitations on the door mat.
So when is there a better excuse to bust out a gold fuzzy knit and a sequin or two ?

This gold fuzzy knit from & Other Stories has a lovely tone and texture.
It’s subtle (ly) Christmas if you know what I mean, rather than those full on sequin outfits that can melt your eyes this time of year.
The sort of outfit that makes you look like a piece of Christmas tree tinsel should be avoided.
This gold knit looks fab with jeans, leather or velvet trousers. Or paired with a pleated skirt – you get the gist.

To get a longer length- go for a size up and it’s definitely more gold and striking than the picture on the website.
It was the first thing that caught my eye when I went into the store.

I’ve also included two great sequin skirts which can be worn in a very up-to-date stylish way with a knit.
I personally love them with a plain black one and a pair of simple heels. With a skirt that does all the talking, it’s best to keep the rest simple.


The lead up to Christmas is definitely one my favourite times of the year. It’s important isn’t it, to remember to actually stop and enjoy it.
I think we all rush rush rush all the way there and then suddenly it’s all over.
Well, that’s what tends to happen me.


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