Accessories Make Or Break An Outfit


Accessories Make An Outfit.

Accessories can certainly make an outfit. Without a doubt that perfect on trend tan bag or basket can add a lot of style to your Summer dress.
The right woven clutch can cheer up a pair of denims and a white shirt no end.
Luckily, the high-street is awash with great options that won’t break the bank or give you those dreaded blisters that will have you limping all the way to the office or stopping off for a pack of bandaids.
I’ve been there – bending down on a crowded street putting a very unsexy bandaid on my blistered toe.


I’ve done an edit of my personal favourites that I have been wearing to death over the past few weeks. They have added a whole lot of Summer loving to my wardrobe.

I’m hoping that you find this edit of easy chic options a help when you are updating your shoes and bags for this sunny season.

During the Summer months I don’t know about you, but I tend to live in flat sandals or little mules with a block heel.
I’ll swop into a slightly higher option if I’m heading out somewhere special but I never risk a pair if they feel remotely uncomfortable.
Life is way too short for mean shoes. Thankfully, there are so many attractive choices out there now, that you don’t have stick to just one style either.

It’s much more acceptable these days to look stylish in flats rather than that suffering for your art. I never again want to be that woman who can’t walk properly across the room because of her high shoes.
We have all been there haven’t we – where we have to take a deep intake of breath, hoping against all the odds that we are not going to go head first into the waiter.

I tend to stick to neutrals with my shoes and bags but there’s no reason why you can’t add a splash of colour if you’re feeling it.
I love white shoes, tan bags – options that sit really easily with anything in your wardrobe.



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